American Martyr: Brothers Shot Near Miami

Sometimes a person has so much Spirit they light up a whole room; arguments for atheism fall apart when these people share what God has put in their heart. Titus Sufra will be a bright light in Heaven. In 2010, near Miami, he gave his life with fellow evangelist Stephen Ocean, for as they were preaching to a probable gang member they were shot to death. A third evangelist escaped, though certainly Christ was truly with all of them.

Another American martyr, Jim Elliot, puts the matter of trading death for eternal life eloquently, saying, “he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

Please enjoy the video below of Titus.  I didn’t find a similar one for Stephen, his brother in Christ, but note the point where two men give testimony of dreams they had just had.  That appears to be the two evangelists testifying to dreams foreshadowing their deaths.



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